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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 24, 2020 11:00am-11:59am PDT

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and good morning to you, thanks for joining us for our special edition of our midday newscast. we'll be on air until noon to make sure you have all the information you need. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. we start with breaking news. president trump now saying he wants the country opened up by easter, making those comments just moments ago in a fox news town hall. and all eyes are on washington as the pressure is building to get a $2 trillion senate deal done. it would put money in the pockets of many americans. a live look at the senate floor right now. and the sticking point. how much cash goes to corporations and who makes sure
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it's spent wisely? >> scott mcgrew joins us with the very latest. scott? >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, that is by far the biggest sticking point. democrats have objected to one of the tranches of that bill which would allow billions of dollars to go into a fund that they say doesn't have the proper oversight, not enough rules to control where it goes. significantly less oversight for the taxpayer dollars, is their objection, than we saw in the tarp bailout ten years ago. republicans say democrats are adding in too many other ideas. we have word that the two sides have hammered some of those details out. we could see a vote in the senate as soon as this afternoon. of course it has to go to the house. it should pass fairly quickly there. yes, there is that cash payment to americans but at this point was this what the total would be. wall street loves the idea of a
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$2 trillion government stimulus. we're seeing some rar u big up that. interesting twist, the president, on fox news a short time ago, says he wants the country opened by april. that would be 19 days from now. he had also tweeted the same idea, saying workers will practice social distancing once america is open, seniors will be watched over protectively and lovingly, the cure cannot be worse by far than the problem. now, if the president had his way and somehow we were able to open up america within those 19 days, we might need a smaller stimulus. now, the 19 days, that's 'til easter. we just heard from the new york governor who said he thought the peak of their deaths would come 21 days from now. we'll see if that will work out. i should point out mr. trump's own scientists disagree with him. >> that will be interesting to see. all right, scott, thank you for that. we're certainly following it
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all, as well as the fallout. the 2020 tokyo olympics are officially postponed. today's speculation with olympi officials originally saying they were going to take a month before making a final decision. international olympic committee says the olympics and the paralympics will go on no later now than summer of 2021. nbc sports anchor and prime time olympic host mike d'errico says the delay was inevitable. but it raises questions for athletes who were set to compete. >> this is a once in a lifetime thing for so many athletes. will they be able to repeat their readiness in 2021 as they were trying to get ready for july of 2020? >> several countries and sports governing bodies had called on the international olympic committee to postpone the games in the wake of the pandemic. it's day two of the free covid-19 tests in hayward. nbc bay area's bob redell is
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live there at tennyson park where the city has broadened the criteria of who can be tested. bob, do we know why they made that big change? >> reporter: we do, marcus. it's because the city of hayward had a bunch of tests left over from yesterday. they wanted to test as many people as possible. the daily limit is 370. yesterday they were just under 200 because they had a requirement that you must have a fever of 100 degrees or above. they broadened that criteria and already they've tested 62 people and there's more waiting in their cars to be tested. starting today the city of hayward is relaxing their rules as to who can receive the covid-19 test. you have to meet one of the criteria, a fever above 100 degrees, shortness of breath or other respiratory symptoms, recent travel to europe or asia, exposure to coronavirus, certain chronic diseases or conditions, being over the age of 65, currently or recently pregnant or being homeless.
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we just spoke with a nanny who drove all the this morning. she's showing symptoms and she can't go back to work until she gets a test. >> i was never that scared before. i'm kind of scared, yeah. for everybody. my family. not just me. >> reporter: does it feel like the flu? >> it does feel like the flu, yeah. i could have a regular cold. i have no idea. >> i've been coughing all night. my dad has high blood pressure and i have two babies. i'm just worried about the whole situation here. >> i'm very concerned because testing positive can keep you able to work. if you don't work, you can't pay bills. >> reporter: these covid-19 tests are free and open to the public at tennyson park across from the fire station in hayward. you don't need a referral from a physician, you don't have to be
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a resident of hayward, they won't ask you about immigration status. you will get the results from a lab in menlo park within six to 24 hours. again, up to 370 tests per day between 9:00 and 6:00 here at tennyson park. the spokesman for the hayward fire department did not have the results from yesterday even though those individuals have been notified. live in hi ward, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, bob. new at 11:00 for you, we're learning that the coronavirus lingered on surfaces of the "diamond princess" cruise ship for more than two weeks. last month the ship was quarantined off the coast of japan after a disembarked passenger who traveled on that ship tested positive. according to the cdc, the virus stayed on the cruise ship surfaces up to 17 days after the rooms were vacated but before they were disinfected. nearly half of the 700 passengers who tested positive were asymptomatic.
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the cdc says that data cannot be used to determine whether passengers contracted the virus from the contaminated surfaces. governor gavin newsom is taking a big step to control crowds. he's ordering the closure of parking lots at major areas and beaches. tom, we're learning this morning a lot will remain open at least until further notice. >> reporter: including this one, pacifica state beach. we were surprised when we arrived this morning that there were no closure signs up. before and after sunrise we saw at least a dozen cars arrive with mostly surfers and quite a few more come into the parking lot since then. a parking ranger we talked to said it was one of the beaches that was packed this weekend. so we're surprised that pacifica beach is not on the list of closures. people are taking advantage of it, coming with their family or
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friends, by themselves, fishing or strolling along the water li the city of pacifica did post signs asking people from outside the community to stay home. some people are being very direct about telling visitors to stay away and others making more diplomatic pleas, saying more restrictive measures aren't needed to get people to comply with social distancing. >> maybe at this point in time you have to stay home. enjoy stuff around your house if you need to get out and walk. this really isn't a vacation. >> if the experts say the best thing to do is to close the lots, then i trust people who are experts in that field and i'll stay away as required. >> reporter: as you could at least one resident upset about people still coming home. that surfer, who is from san francisco, tells us surfers are inherently socially distant on the water, careful not to infringe on spaces, something that's taboo in the surf world.
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you can find a list of all of the parking lots that are closed on our website, back live now, you have to wonder if this isn't going to be added to that list now that so many of those other popular attractions are closed. the people here, though, as you heard, hoping that people will stay and exercise in their own community. we're live at pacifica, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> same thing, exercise at a distance, wave to your neighbors across the street. be safe, thom, thank you. santa clara county board of supervisors will vote soon to distribute millions of dollars of its own money to help stop the spread of coronavirus. they're meeting online to practice social distancing. this is what their meeting looks like. on the table, $2 million from the fund homelessness and $1 million to provide financial assistance to nonprofits affected by the outbreak. stay up to date with the very latest on this health
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crisis with our daily newsletter. get the top headlines right to your inbox. go to to sign up. let's get a check on our microclimate weather forecast. a live look outside, a cloudy look. you see the clouds hovering at least over the golden gate bridge. we can see the span there. some places got soaked this morning. >> they did, i know my windshield did just a little bit. >> you had the wipers on. >> meteorologist kari hall is checking the rain for us. how long is this going to stick around for us? >> if we were in the north bay, that rain would be lasting a little bit longer than just a couple of swipes of the windshield wipers. we have seen most of the rain there. here's another look at our view in san francisco with a mostly clousky. we'll see throughout the rest of the day more showers rolling through. as we take a look at what's been happening here, a lot of the rain has been in the north bay. as we go into the rest of the afternoon, that moves into the
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east bay, the south bay, the peninsula. a closer look shows the widespread downpours that have been coming down around san rafael as well as santa rosa and extending over toward northern napa counties. elsewhere, farther to the south, it's just now starting to arrive in san francisco. and the rest of the bay area is mostly dry. then going into the day, we'll see some pop-up showers that may be chasing more people back inside or those out working have to deal with will you lugging t umbrellas around. this evening, still some rain showers. not all of us will be seeing the rain at the same time and most of this will be fairly light, continuing into tonight. it may be a little heavier for the south bay as well as the south county. and tomorrow, still some waves of rain coming through. a lot of unsettled weather. i think at this point we'll take every drop we can get. it was such a dry february, it's a nice change to see the rain
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moving in now. we'll have an update on the sierra snowpack coming up in the full microclimate forecast. >> sounds good, thanks so much. coming up, it's a hard time for many families. a lot of people not getting a paycheck or worried about the next one. we're going to show you the places that are hiring in just 2 1/2 minutes. elme back to our mi
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newscast. as more states issue their own shelter at home orders, more businesses admit they may not survive or if they do, they face drastically cutting staff. but there are some that are actually looking for more workers and they need them now. nbc bay area's kris sanchez has more on who's hiring. >> reporter: they may not be the jobs you're used to working. but if your goal is to keep those bills paid during this difficult time, then there are companies that are hiring. it's probably no surprise here that our local grocery stores and pharmacie are hiring. cvs alone is adding 50,000 jobs
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across the country. some of them are temporary. some of them are full-time or part-time. if you already work for cvs, the company says you will be getting bonuses during this difficult time. safeway, costco, and walmart are hiring. walmart offering cash bonuses for workers to put in extra hours. dollar general is hiring, looking for fleet workers and folks to work in their distribution centers. with so many of us ordering essentials online, you won't be surprised to hear that amazon is also hiring. they are adding 100,000 full and part-time positions and paying their employees $2 more per hour. a lot of you are supporting your local businesses but national food chains are adding jobs too like domino's and papa john's. the unemployment projections are really difficult to hear. the u.s. workforce could lose a half million to a million jobs
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in april alone. the projection for california is 600,000 jobs lost by this summer. in chatting with people, we know that some of these job losses are already starting to happen to most people are hunkered do at home, even our state lawmakers. this morning we spoke with state senator jerry hill from san mateo who says that even with the state capitol building shut down, lawmakers are dedicated to protecting the community and stopping the spread of the virus. >> i've got a computer, an ipad, a phone, and it's going constantly. we're really trying to make sure our residents in those critical care facilities can navigate successfully the shelter in place to make sure they get the attention they need, the information they need so they can carry on businesses as much as possible today. >> state senator hill says that lawmakers are constantly in
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contact with hospitals to make sure that actually receive more protective equipment. new at 11:00 for you, there settle a big need for blood amid the pandemic. a blood drive is under way in redwood city to try to help with the shortage. the american red cross was forced to cancel an estimated 4,000 similar events nationwide due to the outbreak. lgbtq activists have started an online petition urging a ban on blood donations by members of their community to be lifted for the pandemic. heretic brewing is planning to start production this week on hand sanitizer, called "germ juice." several distilleries are converting their operations for similar protections. a lot of you have been there, talking on the phone with someone and your dog just won't stop barking.
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none of us were probably speaking with a former first lady. [ dog barking ] >> where are you guys -- [ dog barking ] >> you hear it there. on the phone is michelle obama, briefly interrupted by the dog. the former first lady says during this uncertain time the pandemic is providing some life lessons. >> good exercise in reminding us that we just don't need a lot when times are bad, having each other, having your health, you know, we can do with a lot less. and i think that's an important lesson i want my kids to understand. >> tune in to "ellen" at 4:00 this afternoon with special guest host jennifer aniston, all right here on nbc bay area. better not do without that umbrella, keep it handy at least this week, kari. >> yes, we will need the umbrella for the next couple of days. we'll see the showers in and around the bay area going into
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the rest of today. right now, those temperatures are in the upper 50s. and it's been a little cool for much of the bay area. the good news is that we are getting the showers that we so desperately need. as we go into the rest of the forecast, it will be off and on. not all of us are seeing the rain at the same time. as we take a look at the radar and the satellite, that storm system is moving through. it's also bringing down someate sierras. i think we'll see more of that as we go into the rest of today. a closer look at the rain falling in the north bay, we can see the showers all around parts of northern napa, sonoma, as well as marin counties. this is where we've seen the rain throughout the morning. they should be getting some pretty decent rainfall in the bucket there. looking at some of the showers also approaching the peninsula. if you're in spots like pacifica, half moon bay, you're also going to see some showers coming in here very soon.
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then looking at the wide view, i wanted to show you what else is going on out there. more rain across far northern california. that will be approaching into the next 24 hours at least. as we look at our hour by hour forecast, we can see the showers here and there, going into today. but then when we start to see the yellows and the reds, that indicates some heavier rain. i think we'll see that in the south bay as well as the south county by about 8:00 to 9:00 tonight. if you're at home and you start to hear that rain hitting the roof, that's what's going on. and if you have the nbc bay area app, you'll be able to get alerts as that rain approaches your location and you won't be caught offguard as that rain moves in. going into early tomorrow morning, we're still seeing rain in the hour by hour outlook. then scattered showers continuing into tomorrow as the storm system remains nearby and brings in more waves of energy that could produce some showers. as far as how much rain, this is not a heavy soaker.
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for most of us it's going to bring a tenth, a quarter inch of rain. there may be some spots that will get slightly more rain on top of what we've already measured, especially in the north bay. that's a live look at northstar. it really is hard to see all of our ski resorts closed. the snow is falling. we're not able to get there and enjoy it. but we are getting some much-needed snowpack for the sierra. and so right now we're about 50% of the way sierra. then going into the forecast, we will see some more snow coming in, at least a foot of snow for some of our resorts around twin bridges and kirkwood as well as ki ki ki kingvale. for some of us it will be five to seven degrees cooler as we reach into the upper 50s and low 60s. then the weekend, we'll have a chance to dry out, especially friday and saturday. there will be a chance we could see more showers coming in by
11:22 am
sunday. for san francisco, mid-50s for the afternoon today. a chance of showers still lingering into early thursday. but we will see it clearing out for a little while as we get a little break from the showers on friday and saturday. i'll be tracking that for you and i'll have another update coming up in a few minutes, marcus and laura. >> thanks so much, kari. coming up, kids' schools are closed. can you take time off of work? our nbc bay area responds team is next with some answers. but first, happening now, starting toy,ng a twice-weekly shopping hour. also walmart and walgreens are offering hour-long shopping events for people 60 years old and older on tuesdays. target reserved that first hour of shopping for vulnerable guests. we'll be back with more news for you right after the break.
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i know a lot of parents out there are juggling a lot right now especially since the kids are home from school. it's nice to get a breather from work to sort things out. >> tell me about it. does your boss have to give you the time? we asked consumer reporter chris chmura. >> good morning.
11:26 am
we turned to the california department of industrial relations. here is what it says. employees at work sites with 25 or more employees may be provided up to 40 hours of leave per year for specific school-related emergencies. that quote goes on to say, such as the closure of a child's school or day-care by civil authorities. and that's exactly what so many of us are facing right now. so the other question, will you be paid if you exercise that option. the answer there is a bit trickier. the state says whether your leave is paid or unpaid depends on the employer's paid leave vacation or other paid time off policies. the state then says employers may require employees to use their vacation or paid time off benefits before they are allowed to take unpaid leave, but cannot mandate employees use paid sick leave. bottom line, check with your boss and hr department. you can also call your nearest
11:27 am
labor commissioner. here are some of the phone numbers for all around the bay area. i called these, they do work. we're taking many consumer questions about the virus. send yours to just click "responds" from the main menu. >> thanks, chris. this morning bay area music legends green day is apparently not allowing the pandemic to stop them from their art. >> we're glad of it. check out what billy joel is doing while sheltering at home. ♪ doesn't seem to be anyone around ♪ ♪ the beating of the heart is the only sound ♪ >> good song choice for these times, he's got self-quarantine on his mind with the cover of "alone now." it was not first recorded by tiffany in the 1980 shondelles
11:28 am
in the 1960s. green day had been preparing to launch a world tour in preparation for the album. coming up, the olympics are being postponed because of the coronavirus. when the summer games in tokyo could be played. spring is coming.
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welcome back to an extended version of nbc bay area news at midday. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. president trump telling fox news in a town hall that he wants the country opened up by easter. right now here's a live look at the senate which is now in session, they're actually debating the coronavirus stimulus bill. democrats are blocking the bill because it gives nearly a half trillion dollars to businesses without a lot of rules to control where that money goes. the bill also includes a cash payment to americans but we don't know how much. the senate could vote on that
11:31 am
bill as soon as this afternoon. the 2020 tokyo olympics officially postponed. today's announcement ends weeks of speculation with olympic officials originally saying they were going to take a month to make a final decision. the internati will go on no several countries and had calle the ioc to postpone the games in th w pandemic. with health officials calling for more local social distancing, many companies are allowing their employees to work from home or are closing their doors altogether. the economic impact in the united states is growing more severe as the coronavirus spreads and the number of cases increases. president trump is now trying to strike back right now with a balance between keeping america safe and shutting down the country. nbc's tom costello has more from washington. >> our country wasn't built to
11:32 am
be shut down. >> reporter: with a u.s. economy grinding nearly to a halt, president trump appearing to send mixed signals, suggesting the response to the crisis may be overblown. >> america will again, and soon, be open for business, very soon. a lot sooner than three or four months that somebody was suggesting. >> reporter: while also acknowledging the coronavirus situation will get worse. >> certainly this is bad, and we're trying to make it so that it's much, much less bad. >> reporter: the president downplaying what experts have said is the continued need to restrict social movement in order to slow the spread of the virus and the increase in the number of cases and deaths in the u.s. in the nation's current epicenter, new york, which has seen a surge of new cases, social distancing is still the order. while the white house is focusing on flattening the curve, on capitol hill, an intense back and forth on relief funding.
11:33 am
meantime with health care providers facing critical supply shortages, the justice department says it will prosecute those who hoard essential protective products in an effort to price gouge. meanwhile here at the nation's airports and airlines, devastated by the coronavirus. "the wall street journal" reports airlines are discussing a possible voluntary shutdown of domestic air travel. our sources say that's premature but they acknowledge that the airlines are flying sometimes with single digit numbers of passengers and that is simply killing their business. i'm tom costello at reagan national airport. back to you. >> thank you, tom. on monday, president trump indicated that he wants to relax the social distancing guidelines after the 15-day mark. this morning on "today," dr. deborah birx, the coordinator of the white house coronavirus task rc the move but only after all the data is reviewed closely. >> i am confident that the president has listened to and seen all of our data. i think you can see that the president over these three weeks
11:34 am
has been very focused on what the american people need, both economically and public health wise. i think it's incumbent for every public health official to look at their data in a granular way to understand who's at risk. >> the doctor says the federal government is looking to be laser focused instead of making broad decisions on shelter-in-place orders. the president announcing an october 1st deadline to get the real i.d. is being extended. once the deadline hits, a real i.d. will be required to board u.s. flights and enter most federal u.s. courthouses. the president says the new deadline will be announced soon. a live look at sfo this midday where international travel has all but dried up in the wake of restrictions both here and abroad. but there are still some international flights into the bay area and arriving passengers are not always being heavily screened, "the chronicle"
11:35 am
reporting only americans arriving from certain red flagged countries are subject to the screenings. the 30 countries include china, iran, and anyone in the eu. passengers arriving from outside those designated countries including some where the virus is now rampant as of now will not receive enhanced screening or even told to self-quarantine. los angeles is joining cities like hayward by making coronavirus testing available but the l.a. mayor says it's limited to certain at-risk groups. mayor eric garcetti tweeted, people eligible for the testing first are those who are 65 and older. people with chronic health issues and anyone facing a mandatory two-week quarantine due to exposure of the virus. testing will happen at two locations. people can schedule a test by visiting a city website and answering a questionnaire. more quarantined passengers from the "grand princess" cruise ship are expected to be released today from places including travis air force base. the ship docked at the port of
11:36 am
oakland 15 days ago. passengers are being released through thursday. this is according to when they first disembarked. the cdc this week reported nearly 80 people from that ship have now tested positive for coronavirus. some passengers refused to be tested while in quarantine. a new push to keep people in their homes during the pandemic as so many continue to try to make it in the bay. oakland congresswoman barbara lee is co-sponsoring a bill that would prohibit landlords from evicting people during the national emergency. the only exception would be if the renter commits a serious criminal act that endangers other tenants. last week governor newsom issued an executive order halting evictions in california. hospitals are preparing to be overwhelmed. 56% of californians will get infected in an eight-week period according to an given by governor newsom. candis nguyen has more.
11:37 am
>> reporter: the feds are building an emergency medical center in case local hospitals run out of room. our unit wanted to take a closer look to see if the bay area could handle the pandemic. what we found paints a picture, experts vsay, of what could com. >> so i guess i'm anxious about what things are going to look like in a few weeks. >> reporter: turning 70 next week, he should probably stay home and not risk contracting covid-19. but he's a doctor, he doesn't have that luxury. >> i'm doing an extra rotation in april that i wasn't scheduled for. >> reporter: he says san francisco hospitals are preparing for a surge of infected patients. >> new wings ready to go, mobilization of ventilators, increased icu beds. >> does california, does the bay area, have enough hospitalsee. >> reporter: according to
11:38 am
projections analyzed by nbc bay area's investigative unit, the answer is no, and in some areas, not even close. the governor has given worst case scenarios. >> it's fair to say, if we're looking at a 56% rate of the virus attacking those on the streets and sidewalks. >> reporter: if more than half our population becomes sick in six months, data shows hospitals could be overwhelmed. the bay area would need about five times the number of hospital beds it currently has. even if the infection rate only hits 20% in that time, we would still need double the number of beds. the projections show there would be an even greater shortage of icu beds and critical lifesaving equipments like ventilators. that's why experts preach social distancing to reduce the number of infections and spread them out over a longer period of time. what will it look like if we are overloaded and there aren't enough hospital beds and ventilators and other kinds of equipment?
11:39 am
>> then people will die who otherwise could be saved. that's what's caused the high death rate in italy, is they literally don't have enough beds to take care of everybody. >> reporter: bay area nurses tell our investigative unit they're already feeling the pressure. >> it scares me. nurses are afraid. >> we're looking to make certain that our own surge capacity plans are in place. >> reporter: carmela coyle is president and ceo of the california hospital association which represents hospitals across the state. to prepare, she says hospitals are discharging some patients, canceling elective surgeries and ramping up hiring. >> and the real issue we have to think about is not just the physical capacity available in hospitals but of course that human capacity, the nurses, the doctors, the other caregivers who we will need. >> reporter: the doctor will soon be part of that human element. his rotation starts in april. >> i have a desire to be on the front lines with my colleagues.
11:40 am
>> reporter: but he is anxious. it's not just his health he's looking out for. >> my wife, who is almost as old as me, and as asthma, she's concerned for her health and she's worried that i'll bring back covid-19. >> reporter: governor gavin newsom has expanded the state's response to covid-19. but he admits we may need help. he has asked president trump to help with the naval hospital ship off the coast of california to assist with possible patient overflow. with the investigative unit, candis nguyen, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, candice. you can call our investigative unit number or go to the website. let's check in with meteorologist kari hall who has a look at the forecast for us. how are you doing, kari? >> i'm doing great. we've seen the showers off and on throughout much of the morning, especially in the north bay.
11:41 am
but elsewhere it's been really light. so as we get a look live right now, we've seen the clouds hovering overhead. this is a look at the south bay as we check out what's going to happen in santa teresa. get ready for that rain that will be moving in for the afternoon. looks like by about 1:00 we're expecting at least some light showers there. and it continues into the evening with some off and on rain that may get heavier as our high temperatures stay in the 50s. here is a look at the radar now. and once again, that rain approaching as another wave of energy coming along with that cold front that passed yesterday still remains over the area. so some of the heavier showers have been up around parts of northern -- the north bay, around vallejo, as well as napa, moving over towards san only ma counties as well as marin county. so that's going to stay with us for the next couple of hours and then make its way to the south. i'll be tracking this. we'll talk more about how much rain i'm expecting out of this, and when we'll get some clearing, that's coming up in the microclimate forecast.
11:42 am
>> thanks, kari. coming up, we're going to check in with our friends at "california live," malou nubla talking with a nurse about some precautions you should take if you live with someone who is g still going to work during this stay-at-home order, like us. we'll be right back. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit our friends at "california live" are working on practicing social distancing and reporting from memo. >> malou nubla has more on what to do if you live with someone who still has to go out to work. >> hello, everyone, welcome to our special at-home edition of "california live." hey, ladies, how are you doing, i hope you're feeling good, staying home is the most important of staying safe. >> hey, steph, hey, malou. one of our goals at "california live" is to keep your family
11:45 am
save at all times. >> that's right, danni and steph. how do you protect yourselves if you have a loved one who has to go out to work every day? >> what do you do if someone you live with is working outside your home? barb is here to help out with that, great to see you. >> great to see you, malou. this question is coming up all over the place. so many people are helping our communities stay safe, people who are working in banks, firemen, policemen, as well as front line health care workers. their families are very understandably nervous about them coming and going into the house. >> yes, exactly. so what should you do first? >> well, the number one thing to do is talk about it ahead of time with your family members. make sure everyone has their voice heard and all of their concerns can be aired so that everyone can talk about what's important to them and what they
11:46 am
would like to see and also about their very understandable fears about contracting the virus. >> and make sure you meet regularly and plan ahead, right? >> i think that's such a great idea, because the situation is evolving every day. and things may change for family members and the risks may change. so i think it's good to have regular check-ins and say, how, how is this going, by the way. >> what kind of supplies should you have on hand? >> oh, boy. this is such a good question. for people who are leaving the home, you want to make sure they have everything they need to stay safe and not to bring the virus back home, to help reduce the likelihood that they will be infected themselves or infect other people. that means gloves. number one is gloves. and you can get two different kinds. i have these that i wash the dishes with, and you can wash them with hot soapy water and reuse them. then you have disposable gloves. and malou, we talked about this
11:47 am
on one of our other segments, if you cannot find gloves, you can often find them in a hardware store. >> good point. when they actually leave the home and come what should they do when they're coming back into the home? >> have a designated part of your home for people to take their clothes off, put them in a plastic bag so they can wash them immediately or later, and then have that person go take a shower with hot soapy water and shampoo their hair. then disinfect any surface they may have come into contact with. a lot of us forget about some of the surfaces, like light switches, doorknobs, countertops, chairs. and then if they drove their own car, you want to make sure you go out with a soft cloth and disinfect the steering wheel, the door handles, even the seats that they sat in. >> okay. so what about when we're going outside for a walk and we're around people but, again, keeping our distance, what should we do when we're doing that, and we come back home?
11:48 am
>> i like that you're keeping your distance, we want to keep six feet between us. and you want to get outside and walk, you need exercise, we need fresh air. that's why a lot of parks are open. so we want to make sure that people do keep their distance. if you're walking, you know, be on one side of a trail, right? and make sure that if you're in a group, that you stand behind the person you're walking with so it makes it easier for people. but enjoy yourself, enjoy the birds singing. and the sunshine helps with your vitamin d levels, and that's a mood-elevating vitamin in your body. >> so continue to disinfect, wash your everything, and wear gloves. >> right, and disinfect. you can go to the cdc website because they give you a lot of ideas about how to disinfect in your own home to keep everybody as safe as possible. >> great tips, barb, thank you so much, stay safe, stay
11:49 am
healthy. >> malou, thank you so much for helping get the word out. stay safe and wash your hands, wash your hands, 20 seconds! >> thank you! >> thanks, bye-bye. >> malou, nurse barb has great tips there. i always try to be careful about my shoes but i never thought about a designated area to change clothes and how often you have to wash them. >> that's so true, danni. and it's so important, there's a lot of things we don't think about like packages, i try to wipe them down before bringing the contents inside the house. a lot of things to think about. >> exactly, and keep sanitizing. as always, we're here for you to stay connected. make sure you check out our website at follow us nbccalive. see you guys later, stay safe. >> bye! ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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11:52 am
the sun has been out, we're enjoying that, as well as that rain which we needed, kari. >> absolutely. it's been so great to see. and so as we go into the rest of the day, the sun just kind of peeking out from behind those clouds. but it's also a cool day, and that may be helping to keep people inside. here is a live look outside in dublin. if you're going to be going out for lunch, maybe hitting up one of those drive-throughs or getting some carryout, we'll have temperatures in the s. then rain movin just keep that umbrella handy. looking at where the rain is now, it's been in the north bay all throughout the morning, while the rest of the bay area mostly has some spotty light sprinkles and we have yet to see it for the most part in the south bay. looking at some heavier rain right now as we see it moving through san rafael, getting ready to cross the bay and heading over toward napa. so expect the rain to get heavier here within the next few minutes.
11:53 am
we're also seeing it now moving into the peninsula and we'll be soon crossing the bay, going over toward the east bay. and then looking at the wide view, we've seen those showers nearby for the past several days. this storm system is not going anywhere anytime soon. so we will add onto our much-needed rainfall totals going into the rest of today. as we start to see the showers pushing from north to south into the evening. and then going into tomorrow, i still think we're going to have some scattered showers across the bay area with breaks in between. you may even have some rainbows when you get the sun breaking out from behind the clouds while it's still raining somewhere close by. that's going to be a possibility for tomorrow as well. looking at our hour by hour forecast for tonight, some of that rain hitting the roof in the south bay, into the south county. we're still going to see some showers overnight and then into the day tomorrow with our highs only reaching into the upper
11:54 am
50s. so not only will we have the rain but it will be cool. but most of us seeing rainfall totals that will remain fairly light at a quarter to half inch of rain. then the rest of the forecast. we are going to see a little bit of it all with some temperatures staying in the upper 50s. morning temperatures are going to be very chilly, dropping inland down to about 40 degrees and then gradually warming up for the weekend. san francisco staying in the 50s throughout the rest of the week. this weekend, more sunshine in the forecast. and still a few clouds in the mix on friday especially. but saturday, i think that's the day we'll see more sunshine and then on sunday, we'll see another chance of rain coming in. so a lot going on here with off and on rain, times of sunshine. but finally, now that we're in spring, it feels like it's winter, marcus and laura. we'll have more coming up after the break.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
all right. you know what? you can always find our team on social media. >> that's right, we're always on. and check out this video kris sanchez posted. >> we are all trying to stumble our way through all of this. at this point you've seen our home studios, probably. there's the camera we're using, the monitor when i sometimes forget to turn it off. i wanted to show you the size of the home studio. here is where the kids are going to be doing their homework. we'll set them up in the dining room and let them work on their computers based on some of the learning plans we've gotten from our district. kind of rudimentary, they're not going to get grades, they're not going to have have attendance out of all of this which is i think okay. they've managed to survive through the summer. so hopefully we'll be okay and they'll be able to catch up. >> you can follow kris on facebook, twitter, and instagram. >> we're seeing a lot of parents do that, including you, laura, getting those kids ready for the
11:58 am
new normal. >> i like being lunch lady the best. >> invite me home, if you can. >> tomorrow i'll bring you some snacks, how about that? >> i like that. see you tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. and of course our midday news. the newest protective measures being ordered across communities in the bay area during this pandemic. what you need to know before you start your day. plus our scott mcgrew fact checks the president, tomorrow morning 4:30 to 7:00.
11:59 am
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